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Wild Flowers

Hey There

Thanks for stopping by. I'm Lilli, designer, dressmaker, business owner, marketer, podcaster, host, wife, avid bookworm, cook, plant enthusiast, environmentalist, and so much more. But really I'm just human, like you. 

My Mission

Saying that I care about the environment is an understatement. I have a passion for nature and draw so much inspiration from it. I also believe that humans are a big part of nature, imagine what we can do if, instead of working against the Earth, we worked with the Earth?

After years of dressmaking, I finally had enough of fixing poorly made cheap clothes, I had enough of women never feeling pretty enough and I had enough of knowing how the fashion industry really works, and I couldn't be a part of it anymore. 

So here I am, I made a podcast (which you should totally check out) and I have completely changed the way I design, source and construct my clothing. But more importantly, I've reconstructed the way I think about clothing. 

Clothing should not last a season, it should last a lifetime. The fast fashion industry has caused so many issues in such a short amount of time, and is only getting worse.

  • One garbage truck of unwanted clothes is dumped into landfill every second.

  • The fashion industry is the worlds second most pollutant industry across the globe.

  • Forced labour, child labour and discrimination against women are the top human rights violations within the industry. 


So lets slow things down. Unfortunately I can't change the world, but I can change my actions, and so can you, starting with asking one simple question "who made my clothes?" In this world we are so disconnected from the things we buy and consume. I want to re-connect with people. I want you to know where your clothes are coming from, and have the peace of mind that what you are wearing isn't causing further damage to the planet. 


Unlike conventional designers, I have restructured the system. I don't find fabric for my designs, I find new life for the fabric! 

Where does my fabric come from?

All my fabric is sourced from second hand clothing, fabric off cuts from alterations, and leftovers saved from waste.





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